They say “Home is where the heart is”. Home, for long in addition to being a shelter or a fundamental need has been the center where a person relaxes in the company of his family and loved ones. After a grueling day at work, home is where the ultimate bliss or comfort is. But finding a proper accommodation in a metropolitan city has its own shortcomings. There has to be a compromise on many matters when you finally get one. Also, nowadays finding an affordable home in the cities has becomes almost impractical. The homes that we hunt for are always short on space and tight on budget.

Delhi, the capital of India has not escaped from the housing woes. The heart of the nation has swelling population and housing within the city limits is beyond the reach of common man. So where does the solution lie? The government of Delhi has tried hard to solve this housing problem and in order to have affordable houses for all; it has brought out the Master Plan 2021. As per the Master Plan 2021, the north, west and south suburbs of Delhi will be divided into Zones and this will be developed into sustainable sub-cities in accordance with the Smart City project of Delhi. The Land Pooling Policy (LPP) will have a significant role and the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) will ensure that all the projects undertaken will have the basic infrastructure in place before it is completed and handed over to its customers.

The Diamond Multi State CGHS (Cooperative Group Housing Society) is one such group which is working towards building projects with all the MPD 2021 plans in mind. Antriksh Group has collaborated with Diamond Multi-State CGHS to develop a project, Antriksh Diamond Towers, which will be uniquely designed as per the needs of the prospective customers. After acquiring the land from the willful landholders wherein the titles are clear, the design will be evolved after close consultation with the house buyers. This concept of cooperative housing will involve land specially allocated for building civic amenities like water connection, roads, drains, power supply, parks and utility areas for the housing projects. The design will then be submitted to DDA which after ensuring that the basic criteria are met will pass the design for undertaking and completion.

The Diamond Multi State CGHS which is a registered member of the CGHS Society of Delhi has been the pioneers of providing affordable housing. Their top-quality projects are neatly designed and executed so that their members enjoy the maximum benefits without any hassles. This group ensures that each of its projects is in compliance with the Master Plan Delhi 2021 and that all the basic amenities are in place as per the design of the project. All the projects have the fulfillment of needs like water supply, electricity, parking space, swimming pool, playground and much more.

Antriksh Group together with the Diamond Multi State CGHS has come up with the Antriksh Diamond Towers which will prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure that Delhi lives up to its name and splendor.